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7 reasons why all new parents need a baby bottle washer

by Harnes Singapore on

7 reasons why all new parents need a baby bottle washer

Baby-bottle washers: Yay or Nay?

Tired parents: Thinking about getting a baby bottle washer?

New parent or expecting? Here’s why you need a baby bottle washer


Washing baby bottles sucks up time like a black hole. It’s one of those tasks that you just want to escape but as a new parent, this is one chore that will be with you for a while.

Fortunately, in this day and age, we have the technology for just about anything – and baby bottle washers are a hot new product among parents today.

Essentially, a baby bottle washer helps you wash, sterilise, dry, and store baby bottles! Using a baby bottle liquid cleanser of your choice, stains, germs, and bacteria are quickly flushed out of bottles.

But baby bottle washers offer parents and households so much more than simplifying a chore – so here are 7 reasons why every parent should own a baby bottle washer.

1. More time with baby

    This is the real advantage of a baby bottle washer. After all, cleaning a bottle by hand isn’t an effortless task.

    With multiple feeds daily and multiple bottles, washing quickly becomes a hassle. This is further compounded by the bottles’ size and shape which makes them harder to wash than regular water bottles. 

    Altogether, scrubbing, cleaning, and drying each one can quickly eat into your day!

    By automating this task, you can enjoy that soothing bonding time with baby immediately after they’ve enjoyed a feed. More fulfilling parenting moments, less time in the kitchen.

    The best part? You won’t be worried about lacking a second bottle when the next feeding time comes around!

    2. Reliable sterilisation

    No matter which side of the sterilisation debate you’re on, one thing we can be certain of is that both steaming and UV light mediums are effective.

    Whether you believe more in powerful steam to cover all surfaces or stronger disinfecting from UV light, you get the best of both worlds when purchasing a baby bottle washer.

    This popular baby bottle washer from Harnes Singapore features both steaming and UV light functions, which means you can use either, or both, to be extra sure your bottles are safe for use.

    3. Greatly reduced risk of bacterial contamination

    A common parental fear is using an unclean bottle to feed, which is why you would (and should be) particular about bottle hygiene. Once your bottles are done washing, you’d want to keep them in a safe space, free of germs or bacterial contamination.

    Fortunately, baby bottle washers are already their own storage space! This simply means you need not worry about needing to transfer bottles into another steriliser or dryer after hand washing them.

    Plus with an added drying feature, bottles are dried and kept in a secure, sterile environment.

    The Harnes All-in-One Baby Bottle Washer is particularly great at this – keeping baby bottles sterile for up to 72 hours after a wash!

    Because Harnes Singapore takes baby bottle washing seriously, they made a machine that is extremely easy to use – by tapping a few buttons, you can wash, sterilise, and dry bottles much more easily.

    If you’re ready to make parenting simpler, get your All-in-One baby bottle washer from Harnes via this link:


    4. Versatile, can be used for other bottles

      While you’ve been focused on washing baby bottles, it’s easy to forget that you have a ton of other bottles around the house that could use an excellent, quick scrub!

      From water bottles to condiment bottles, and even mugs, if it fits, there’s no reason not to take full advantage of your baby bottle washer.

      After all, it would be silly to ignore all these other things that need washing when you could simply clean them in a more efficient, water-saving way.

      5. Conserves your energy

      As mentioned before, washing baby bottles not only can be a time-consuming task but can quickly wear you out the more you do it. With each bottle, you have to soak them to soften stains, then scrub them before sterilisation and drying.

      These repetitive tasks can take a toll on your mental psyche. This is why with a baby bottle washer, you can simply load, start the process, and get out of the kitchen!

      6. Saves counter space, preserves bottles

      Most baby bottle washers aren’t bigger than 20cm x 30cm. That’s less space than a 13-inch MacBook Air – and they take up substantially less counter space.

      Don’t forget, with an integrated storage function, you also save space with fewer racks and bottles cluttering up your kitchen. And because you also don’t need an extra steriliser, you save space on that too.

      Plus, with less movement of bottles, you also greatly improve the lifespan of your baby bottles. Less hand scrubbing means less wear and tear, and less hand washing means virtually 0 chances of dropping and damaging your baby bottles!

      7. Helps you save on utilities

      Baby bottle washers can easily save you on water costs – you already know how much water you can spend washing just one bottle.

      So why not wash all of them at once, with less water?

      Don’t forget – the Harnes baby bottle washer also includes a drying and sterilising function, which means you’re also saving on electricity you would be using for the additional appliances.

      So whether you’re a new parent or waiting for the second, even third child to arrive, the Harnes All-in-One Baby Bottle Washer is the perfect device to help make parenting a more fulfilling journey.

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