Warranty Terms and Conditions

In order to avoid unnecessary inconvenience, you are advised to read the operating instructions carefully and the Product Care & Usage page of this website before contacting Harnes Singapore Private Limited.

Do indicate the original invoice number, date of purchase and model number of the product when contacting us for support.

Limited Warranty

This limited warranty shall apply to Harnes All-in-1 Baby Bottles Washer. For defects under normal use circumstances and at the discretion of the Harnes Singapore Private Limited.

This limited warranty starts from the day the customer receives the product.

This limited warranty is only valid in Singapore, and the product is not eligible for any international warranty service.

Harnes Singapore Private Limited may conduct diagnostic tests on customers' product to identify the causes of failures/defects.

We shall provide free of charge repair services within the 1 year warranty period, in the event that the machines is beyond repair or of manufacturing defects, our company shall provide a 1-1 exchange.

Repaired or replaced Products will be covered by limited warranty for the balance of the original limited warranty period.

This limited warranty does not apply if:

1. The purchase documents have been altered in any way or made illegible.

2. Repairs or product modifications and alterations have been carried out by unauthorized service organizations or persons.

3.The product is being used for a commercial purpose.

4. The defect is caused by abuse or misuse of the product or by environmental conditions that do not conform to the recommended operations of the product.

5. The defect is caused by connection to peripherals, additional equipment or accessories other than those recommended by Harnes Singapore Private Limited.

6. The product has been damaged - including but not limited to damage by pets, lightning, abnormal voltage, water or fire, natural disaster or transport accident.

7. Defects or parts requiring replacement due to ordinary wear and tear, corrosion, rust or stains, scratches, dents on the casing or paintwork of the product.

8. The product does not function properly because it was not originally designed, manufactured, approved and/or authorized for the country in which you use the product, which might occur in instances where the product has been purchased in another country other than that of its intended use.

9. Non-electrical parts are not covered under warranty (e.g. Covers, racks)

10. Claims for loss of use or inconveniences due to any malfunction, damages caused by lightning, water or other liquid intrusion, fire, flood, accident, negligence, misuse or improper handling/operation.

11. Claims for damaged and/or missing parts (incl. accessories) after 7 days from the original date the product has purchased.

    No carrier, retailer, agent, dealer or employee thereof is authorized to make modifications to this limited warranty and you should not rely on any such representation. Harnes Singapore Private Limited reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions if necessary.


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